Jessica Lynn,  Artist / Owner

Jessica Lynn, Artist / Owner

The lifelong passion started with finger paints, glitter and shrinky dinks, moved on to beading and friendship bracelets, and blossomed from art history courses and exposure to French Impressionism.  Later pursuits of crafting, card-making, crocheting, and painting paved the way for teaching and incorporating the arts in healing, expressive therapies.

The vision expanded to the establishment of Sage Willow, where her personal love for art and nature flourish.  Initially, Jessica’s handmade artwork was an outlet for self-expression and creating unique, personalized gifts for family and friends.  Now, you can find her artwork being sold at fairs, displayed in galleries, commissioned for sale and available for purchase in the online Sage Willow store.  Her wide range of artistic ability encompasses fine arts, fiber arts, photography, jewelry and crafts.  Inspired by nature, each design is created with environmentally conscious considerations and materials.  Most items are free form, without using a standard pattern or guideline, therefore each piece being a unique, one-of-a-kind product.  

Hand-crafted creations inspired by nature offer unique styles, warmth and comfortable apparel for children, adults and even pets!  Framed art, décor and accessories provide rich, colorful and expressive detail.  Items provide functional, fashionable and complimentary charm to individuals and their environments!  

Check out the Jessica Lynn Creations shop for hand-made crochet, photography and designs.  Bursting with one-of-a-kind style, these items will keep you warm, cozy and aesthetically pleased!